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With over 25 years in business, NETSCOUT is the market leader in security, application and network performance. They offer critical business solutions for the world’s most demanding and complex service delivery environments. NETSCOUT transforms and accelerates the way their customers deliver, deploy, and secure services and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments across their business.  


While NETSCOUT is a well-established network assurance solution, they have also made significant gains in their security offerings. They needed higher brand awareness for their security offerings from a target audience of senior level officers within enterprise companies. 

the idea: Focus on credibility and frequency

To promote NETSCOUT’s security capabilities, they needed higher brand awareness from a target audiences of senior level officers within enterprise companies. We focused the majority of our media efforts on a singular publication which would serve our audience. 

Bringing the Idea to Life

Just Global focused most of our media efforts on a singular publication which would serve our audience. Finding a credible outlet that could match NETSCOUT’s service offerings and relevant audience was vital.  

We developed a strong and ongoing relationship with The Wall Street Journal over the years and we knew that readers of the publication trust the outlet for accurate information to fuel their decisions as well as enlighten, educate, and inspire them. 

Not only was finding a credible news source important, but we knew frequency was key to building brand awareness.

Print ads were produced weekly, across all size units, within the Business & Finance section. Online, contextual ads and audiences were targeted as well.  

Placement Where it Matters

A series of impactful cover wraps were placed in The Wall Street Journal for editions most related to their brand content. These cover wraps were focused around the RSA Conerence, WSJ’s Cybersecurity Event, and NETSCOUT’s Engage. By doing so, NETSCOUT’s target audience of C-suite executives were reached with two times the amount of benchmark ad recall.

Specialty Reporting

In order to capture the attention of our target audience, we ran ads on the frontpage of WSJ’s Cybersecurity Journal Report. To really drive the messaging home, we didn’t only focus on one placement, we ran a Skybox unit on the frontpage that referenced our full-page ad further in the section. In the same report, we ran a half-page advertorial to provide a holistic message about the importance of cybersecurity during the rise of IoT devices entering our homes and businesses.  

Digital Creative

To drive senior level IT and C-suite enterprise audiences to NETSCOUT landing pages, we planned series of digital ad banners that followed the same messaging as the rest of the campaign.

NETSCOUT secured credibility and trust for their new service offerings

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Improvement in Cost-Per-Landing


Hermes Creative Awards
Gold: Print Media | Advertorial
Gold: Print Media | Media Relations | Newspaper Placement
Honorable Mention: Print Media | Advertising Campaign
Gold: Electronic Media | Digital Ad Campaign

Mediapost Creative Media Awards
Finalist: Business Media Campaign

dotCOMM Awards
Honorable Mention: Digital Marketing & Communications | Data Gathering and Implementation  

our impact

In the end, we saw a significant surge in search traffic during the circulation cycles of the publications. Nearly 3 out of 4 readers recalled seeing the NETSCOUT campaign. Furthermore, the ads influenced 2 in 3 readers to feel positively towards the brand and 1 in 4 readers to recommend NETSCOUT to others.