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This global software leader believes that technology has the power to unlock new possibilities for people and the planet. Software solves complex business challenges through disruptive technologies across industries to define a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences transforming the world.


As with many tech companies, the client’s software spans across a diverse set of products such as networking and security, cloud computing and digital workstations. JUST’s task was to unify complex campaigns across multiple regions, industries and solutions, while also scaling market capabilities from vendor relationships to geographical regions. 

The idea

Taking into account the company’s many different products, our first goal was to remove communication silos between each business unit to present one unified and integrated brand. With a strong brand message and strategy across the marketing arms, we could unlock what was possible. 

Bringing the Idea to Life

To kick things off, we leveraged data to better inform where our media dollars would be  allocated all while ensuring that those placements would drive positive results.

We partnered with the client’s in-house team on creating a closed-loop feedback system so they could better leverage their pipeline data and better understand their customer needs. We also introduced new tactics to their content distribution with a focus on customized experiences such as interactive web syndication, incentivized programs, and binge format content. 

As we rolled out media into market, we created a test-and-learn approach to media so we could make adjustments and optimize towards high performing media. Ultimately, this lead to us uncovering opportunity in shifting the focus of the campaigns to lead generation networks and specialists. We also discovered that some of our audiences preferred thought-leadership content, so we ensured those audiences were presented with the content they wanted. 

Presenting one, unified brand

Interactive Top-of-Funnel Content

In order to generate high-quality leads, an interactive web page was presented to users where they could indicate what their current needs were. The content presented to them was dependent upon what need they indicated. While the messaging on each landing page was tailored to the individual user, the downloadable asset was the same. This helped inform sales teams what the user was interested in while also generating a higher quality lead. 

"Digital Warming" Strategy

Identified target accounts were exposed to awareness-level content along with content syndication, simultaneously, to generate high value pipeline leads. This meant that they would be exposed to the brand in display ads, native ads and ultimately, be converted into a high-value lead through content offerings. 

Personalized content lead to impactful sales leads and lasting relationships

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Our Impact

Long-term partnership and collaboration has its benefits. As we continue to test, track and optimize towards campaign performance, we are able to generate significant business impact with this leading software company. We continue to partner on bi-annual strategy planning to foster a long-term mindset and enable opportunities for even more innovative approaches.