Welcome to Change

Building on 60 years of revolutionizing office work with technology, Just Global helped Fuji Xerox Australia change its name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia. A through-the-line rebranding campaign was led across Australia to promote the ‘promise of change’ for businesses.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia is a business that answers their client’s needs. Our objective was to usher this exciting new beginning in Australia by demonstrating the promise of change. Across the whole business, we needed to demonstrate the brand in action; delivering integrated messaging focused on value creation from the new brand. 


Launching with the traditional and connected TV commercial, “Welcome to Change,” an integrated brand campaign promotes the brand to Australian businesses. Two distinct sets of programmatic display assets and targeting were created to reach the core audiences of Enterprise and Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses. 


Within only one month of launching, the campaign was already scoring high performance in programmatic streaming video, Australian TV networks and display placements with premium news publishers. Additionally, the rebrand secured earned media coverage in marketing trade publications.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia is determined to take on the challenges that befit a trusted leader. We’re proud to highlight our company’s innovative spirit and solution-orientation encapsulated in our new branding.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, headquartered in Sydney, worked with Just Global’s Australian office to deliver through-the-line messaging focused on value creation and demonstration of the brand in action across the entirety of the business.


Since its founding in 1962, the brand has been an industry leader in office technology and documents. The rebranding is partly a response to the way work has changed rapidly and dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia continues to utilize technologies and expertise to convert necessary information into optimal delivery formats with swift distribution for their customer’s changing needs. 

It was important to characterize the brand. Our job was to articulate in simple terms, how change positivity impacts the services, solutions and activities that Fuji Xerox Australia were already known and trusted for.


To launch this exciting new beginning in Australia, the broadcast television and Connected TV commercial, “Welcome to Change,” features an exuberant spokesperson who brings humor and positivity into the workplace. 

The new brand campaign also includes a robust media plan with advanced digital targeting tactics, as devised by Just Global’s integrated teams across media, creative and data. The teams produced two distinct sets of creative programmatic assets and media plans to reflect the brand’s core audiences of IT decision-makers within both enterprise and small- and medium-sized businesses. 

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Within one month of launching, the campaign is already scoring high performance in programmatic streaming video, Australian TV networks and display placements with premium news publishers. The campaign was recently highlighted in Adweek and The Trade Desk’s “Creativity Spotlight.”

Platinum: Integrated Marketing Campaign; Branding Refresh; TV Ad