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Preparing Young Creatives For Meaningful Design Careers


BRIDGEGOOD, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides student Creatives with career skills required for some of the 1.4+ million tech job openings expected to be available in the U.S. by 2021, and aims to train 30,000 designers of color by 2030. 

The Challenge

In 2016, BRIDGEGOOD received eligibility for the Google Ad Grant program but lacked the resources to effectively drive brand awareness and conversion optimization through Google Ads. 

The idea: pride in partnership

Through our internal volunteer program, Just Cares, our team quickly moved to provide pro-bono marketing services to help fulfill their mission.

Bringing the Idea to Life

We began our relationship with BRIDGEGOOD by expanding their reach to their target audiences of students as well as corporate sponsors.

Before Just Global, BRIDGEGOOD struggled with getting their paid search ads to attract the correct users and bring traffic to their site. We analyzed the current strategy and expanded on audiences to broaden their scope.

As goals have evolved, we’ve collaborated with BRIDGEGOOD on website recommendations to increase conversions as well. We continue to optimize performance and actively seek improvement for the keyword targeting and ad copy as goals progress.

Pride in Partnership

Watch what happens when two values-driven organizations come together and utilize creativity for good.

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Google Ad Grant

Whether it’s Search ad copy, conversion tracking or scaling relevant keywords, the highly-skilled Search team at Just Global ensures BRIDGEGOOD hits, or exceeds, their brand awareness and conversion goals.

Website Optimizations

We learned through testing that the main point of conversion for BRIDGEGOOD’s website was the free online portfolio to help bolster young professional’s design careers. The Just Global team then pivoted away from broader audience targeting and focused on bringing quality-over-quantity users to the site by updating the ad copy to reflect key features like the online portfolio. Furthermore, we refined relevant keywords and other top converters to create a brand campaign, ensuring BRIDGEGOOD appears at the top of the search, even when searching for Oakland Digital (their previous name).  

Racial Injustices

Search campaigns are regularly monitored to ensure relevant copy and keywords are aligned with current events. In 2020, the global pandemic and racial injustices came into focus, moving us to implement additional keywords and ad copy to capture people’s heightened awareness around diversity and inclusion.


RESILIENCE, BRIDGEGOOD’s largest design and fundraising celebration, brings tech leaders and community together to pave the way for inclusive design. As official sponsors of the event, Just Global granted 60 students the opportunity to participate in the Inspire Oakland program. Dominique Stewart-Thomas, Associate of Analytics, was also part of the event’s esteemed planning committee and spoke as part of a panel of women in the field.

Increasing Diversity

Within the first year of working on the account, Just Global was able to add incredible value.

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Increase in impressions

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Improved CTR

Our impact

Throughout 2020, Just Global and BRIDEGOOD have been great momentum.

Through our RESILIENCE sponsorship, Just Global supported 60 new students to attend their next Inspire Oakland program. 

Compared performance thus far in 2020 with last year’s performance, overall CTRs increased by 31%, CPCs decreased by 16% and cost-per-conversion decreased by 18%.

Optimizations efforts to improve quality have resulted in the highest CTRs the account has ever seen at over 7%.